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Formula One NewsThe world of Formula1 has always been busy and has been packed with a lot of exciting news that attract the interest of a lot of fans. This year, the latest Formula One News is none other than the successful streak of the Hamilton Era.

Right after the third win of Lewis Hamilton from the World Championships in Austin, a dispute with his teammate Nico Rosberg has emerged. As what fans and all the viewers have witnessed in the scene, Rosberg has thrown a cap right at Hamilton. This is due to the incident right after the start where the drivers have touched.

This dispute made it on top of the Formula one latest news. It was never a great thing to see that drivers coming from the same team will be creating the scene. According to Toto Wolff, the team boss, if the scene was caused by drivers that represent different teams, then it would be completely normal.
Seeing race cars touching is a fun thing to see as it shows the other car overpowering the others. It would even turn out as something that everyone would want to see. However, since the drivers that have touched came from the same team, Mercedes, the entire team is under discussion. This is just like what they do in handling things from the past.

It is a dispute that has been blown completely out of proportion. This was also described as political as something critical.

After the race, Rosberg expressed that he was unhappy with the battle he had with Hamilton with the start of the race. He has even described Hamilton to be “very aggressive”.

Despite the disappointment that Rosberg felt, Wolff mentioned that it is something that fans would want to see. This is also something that they owe to the supporters. Basically, this is what racing is all about. Wolff added that people do not want to see remote controlled drivers who would drive around the race track with only a meter distance in between cars.

However, he mentioned that since there is a great resource within the team with a lot of people putting all their efforts to deliver the best race car, they don’t want any form of rift to happen in their garage.
All in all, the boss doesn’t want a split between the garages due with the issues in the strained relationship. Although he said that, the idea or scene where the drivers touched is something that he doesn’t like seeing in the track. He also emphasized that it really happens between racing cars and in most wet tracks.

He assured everyone that the incident was not something Lewis Hamilton intended to do. Although the drivers touched the wheels and made a tricky end for the team, yet it is not something that can be avoided in the situation of the track due to the weather. He added that it may cause the team a grey hair with the coming years. However, conversations are possible with the team. This way, avoiding the same incidents from happening in the future is possible.

The Formula one schedule for the World Championship was indeed a wet one. This was seen as the main reason behind the scene between the teammates in the championship. Although this is unlikely to be seen between teammates, it was something that still created a big buzz among fans.

The Scene

In the said Formula one championship, Hamilton was able to brag the world title. Just right after the race, all drivers are going out and are proceeding to the podium where Hamilton was. Before the traditional ceremony of champagne spraying in the podium, he has thrown the cap to Rosberg who also threw the cap back immediately and refused to be a part of the celebration.

Wolff said that Hamilton and Rosberg known each other for 25 years now. The act was like telling your teammate that it was time to go to the podium. Rosberg was upset with the entire race. He was most likely upset of losing the game. It was all about the emotions and Wolff said that it was so good. He added that these drivers have their own emotions. This was also what racing and F1 were all about. It was completely normal.

The mood of Rosberg was caused by the mistake on the lap 48 giving the lead to Hamilton. If the German has won, Hamilton would not celebrate for the title he won that Sunday. Wolf said that Rosberg was mad with the world, with everybody, with Lewis and even with himself.
Being a sportsperson, there are times when you would feel like you need to vomit. And the bad and good thing with F1 is that all of these things happen right in front of millions of fans and spectators. Even though each movement, each sentence and each emotion on the track is analyzed, this is still quite normal!