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Choosing a car cover is not an easy task, since in most things there are bad experiences to have used some that instead of protecting the car have damaged it. In Lubricants we bring to you this #Total Advice to help you choose the most suitable for your vehicle. The first thing is to know what you need to protect the car. The covers have the function of taking care of different external agents that can damage it, how are the changes of weather, sun, rain, snow and hail, these natural elements mainly deteriorate the paint of the car, but in the same way the upholstery, the board and the steering wheel. You should also take care of your car of other natural issues, such as dirt dust and especially the waste of birds that dirty, stain and burn the paint. When choosing a car cover you should choose the best protection at the best price. A universal cover that offers protection to dust, birds and sunrays. These must be made of polypropylene. It should provide basic protection against moderate weather conditions, uv stabilizer that protects the car from the sun’s rays. Antenna patch and elastic hem for a good fit of the car. Tell us if you have ever bought a cover for your best friend on wheels! Take care of your vehicle and always keep it in optimum condition, in TOTAL Lubricants we want that when traveling you have the best experience, besides that your car is always in good conditions, that is why we invite you to know the products that TOTAL Lubricants s brings for you. If you have suffered with the agents that attack the painting of your car, like strong sun, rain, among many others. One of the best ways to avoid these agents is to use a car cover. There are several models available in the market, for different types of use.

Meet some models of Car Cover

The Silverskin Cover is waterproof and protects the car from rain, serene – it has no protection like a padlock. Therefore it is ideal for those who have a safe place to park, however it is open and suffers from the damage of the painting. Another model available is the car cover for expedition Lined, this model comes with protection: iron cable and padlock, allowing you to leave your car covered in the street. Therefore, the lining makes a difference for those who need to leave the car for a long time covered, avoiding scratches in the painting. If you are looking for the utmost care with your car, it has beautiful antiquity and wants to cover it to protect. The best indication is the Gold Car Cover that comes with padlock protection, waterproof and comes lined. Good use of the covers helps protect the car, but you have to take special care to prevent the attachment from scratching the paint.

Check out some tips for better use of the cover

In addition, the car should always be dry before covering it with the cover; If you leave the car cover for a long time, use a piece of Styrofoam on the car’s roof, reducing friction and facilitating ventilation – even if it is lined; ¬†Keep your car waxed – to test if the waxing is good, see if the water is dripping or stopping in the paint; So keep the car clean, dust can also end up scratching your powerful.

Car protection covers – Models and options

Not all drivers, but many car owners cherish their cars as if they were children to themselves. Whether it is the investment made for the acquisition, the passion for the motorized assembly or the simple fact of wanting to keep a well maintained, many drivers end up using the protective covers for this. One question that may arise is: what are the types of protective cover? In a brief survey, you can recognize that there are several options in the market for covers. Impermeable or permeable models, fabric or imitation, with ventilation, holder of protection against UV rays, among many others. Today’s article will present some valuable tips for using the optimum protective covers for each type of situation as well as the best models for each moment.

Cars kept in open garages

The car is exposed to the sun and rain for much of the day, as the garage where it is parked is opened. What to do? The best option for these cases is to get a protective cover that is waterproof and has protection against the sun’s rays. In addition to preventing the car from getting wet and also suffering from the coconut of birds, booties and even bats, the waterproof case with UV protection prevents the paint from peeling. Covers without this protection may even prevent dust, but the effects of the sun will remain the same.

What is the airbag?

Airbags are safety devices and the necessary basic car was created to limit serious injury to passengers in the car when the collision occurred. Airbags in cars are usually made from stretchy fabric or a material ensures the ability to collapse in the necessary positions in the car and come apart easily when necessary. Airbags in the driver area typically found on cars is mounted on the steering wheel The current air bags used on the vehicle is derived from a system that has been used on aircraft in 1940. He has had invented the airbag in the car is John W. Hetrick in 1951 . From initially only equipped with two airbags per car, up to now have cars equipped with 14 airbags. Along with that, the airbag technology also has improved incredibly modern in order to optimize the ability to protect occupants in the vehicle.

Airbag operation like?

In case of a crash, the air bag is inflated almost immediately for the only time in milliseconds, protecting the vital organs of the human body in the car. The process of operation of the airbag underwent three main stages since the car having collided until airbag deployment. First, the main control system (ACU) controls the collision sensor, accelerometer, speed and brake pressure, … to get to know the level of influence. When this number exceeds the specified value, the detonator in the new blown ignition. When a collision occurs, the airbag is inflated almost immediately for the only time in milliseconds Next, detonators produce electric current from 1A to 3A intensity in less than 2 milliseconds to burning of the ignition and gas generating particles to generate a large amount of gas in a short time. Finally, the air bag is inflated to reduce the impact on passengers, and the gas immediately exit at the rear airbag outlet. This reduces the force on the airbag and also ensure that the driver has a gap needed to observe. Together with automakers, manufacturers of car parts are working to create new products contributed to increased protection for automobile users.Recently, the company automotive parts ZF of Germany has developed, tested airbag system fitted outside the automobile, can reduce injury to the driver and passengers in the car when the accident occurred . According to the external bag system may reduce by 40% the risk of injury to passengers

Similar systems outside pockets on cars Volvo V40 in order to minimize injury to pedestrians in case of accident, ZF research equip side air bags bodywork to protect users vehicles from collision from the side. This airbag system is about 203 cm long, 38 cm wide, 23 cm high, or may vary with body size, are arranged in the frame at the bottom of the door sides. With large size doubled compared with samples regular airbags, ZF researchers used two gas pumps, combined with the warning system, an impact sensor, radar, lidar … When it detects the risk of accidents occurs, the airbag system will inflate to create the capacity to absorb. ZF said tests initial test showed the airbag system can reduce the force of impact from another media from both sides of the vehicle, thereby reducing by 40% the risk of injury to passengers . Upon detection of the risk of accidents occur, the airbag system will inflate create absorb region Dr. Michael Buchsner, head of passive safety systems of the ZF, said: “The safety of users is paramount aim when developing the new medium. Concept external airbag operation immediately before the collision of ZF is an excellent example of how the ZF wants to realize the Vision Zero vision of a world without accidents and emissions. ” Currently, ZF is working with car manufacturers to see how the air bags deployed on the car.

Airbags are installed where on the car?

Depending on the model that the manufacturer can be installed from a lot of side airbags to the car to protect the safety of the driver and passengers in case of collision. This is not the first time the concept of automotive air bags outside is mentioned. Earlier, in 2012 Volvo introduced the airbag pedestrian installed in front of the Volvo V40 car head. However, the bag system is not yet widely used. The first time the vehicle airbags and airbags protect the driver role is included in the list option on models 1995 Volvo 850. Three years later, the US federal government requires dual airbags fitted front protect two people sitting front row for all passenger cars line. In 2006, Honda continues to offer airbags fitted to motor vehicles. Nowadays, with the development of technology and a focus on safety, the automobile manufacturers have launched many air bag systems placed around the vehicle at positions such as air bags front, side airbags , curtain airbags, knee airbags, rear center airbag, airbag seatbelts or airbags even on the roof.

Front airbag system in a car:

Front airbags are considered the most popular on the current car and is equipped with compulsory in many countries around the world. Front airbag is switched burst from beneath the dash in front of the driver and passenger in the frontal collision to prevent passengers bumped into the details of the interior. In frontal collisions low speeds, advanced airbag system provides different levels of protection by inflating the airbag with less pressure or not activate the front airbags.

Airbag rib and knee airbags are also equipped with side air bags on the Lexus LX570

Common types of air bags second chassis mounted side air bags work only when there is a collision on the side of the vehicle body, while the airbag rib will protect the head and shoulders to avoid injury. Airbag rib usually have three main categories: protection air bag across your chest area, airbag head area and the last horizontal combining two regional protection on. The Department of Road Traffic Safety (NHTSA) estimates that side of the car collided with at least one person died and 60% of those victims lost their lives due to cranial trauma. When comparing the cars not equipped SAB with the cars equipped, NHTSA estimates that each year up to 976 people will be saved if air bags slopes and 932 people will have a serious accident if the missing bag this gas.

Airbag on safety belt invented by Ford

Apart airbags front and airbags slopes, a few types of airbags are also fitted on the car but less common as airbags knee, curtain airbags rear, airbags center, the air bag on the belt , airbags on the roof. In Vietnam, the majority of car models are fitted with at least one air bag for the driver in advance. Depending on the manufacturer, but each model will be equipped with the side air bag system parts, airbag ribs, a knee airbag or airbags on the seat belt.

Cars kept in closed garages

Vehicles stored in enclosed garages do better with covers that absorb liquids. The humidity in these places, especially in the underground parking lots, can be great and this can lead to problems for the painting. Just remember that the cover needs cleaning after a while, and it needs to be dry at least once a week to prevent the water from re-affecting the paint on the vehicle.

Cars on the street

Want to keep the looks of your vehicle intact, but is it stored on the street or in the parking lot of the condo? The option is with the covers with UV protection and that can be locked, that is, they have a greater security so that the cover itself is not stolen.

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